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Autumn Issue Forty
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Some years ago, Robert Harris wrote a fascinating book called The Fear Index.

As the recent period of market volatility kicked in, I was in the fortunate position that all three funds that I manage had a small overweight cash position.

JM Finn is delighted that Charles Ramsay has been named in this year’s Top 40 under 40.

Coronavirus provides a complex set of problems for politicians who need to balance very challenging medical and economic decisions.

James Godrich, fund manager of the JM Finn Coleman Street Investment funds has been included in this year’s list of rising talent in the wealth industry.

Watch any game of rugby and you’ll notice that the goal kickers go through the same routine every time they take a kick.

During my long career in the investment industry I have lived through several bear markets.

We met the companies below and you can learn more on any of these by contacting the person at JM Finn with whom you usually deal.

Michael Bray explores how the rise of plant-based food and beverages across the meat and dairy substitute markets is impacting the industry.

The updating of Wills, (or for so many of us, the drafting of Wills for the first time…), is likely to be a key item on the agenda of many a New Years’ Resolution list.

Adrian Locke, Senior Curator at the Royal Academy is often presented with a range of challenges when putting on an exhibition. None more so than curating Oceania.

In a departure from the norm, as opposed to asking a third party fund manager to give us their current view of the market, we asked Freddie Woodhead, who is the sector specialist for Asia and Emerging…

I used to joke that I can tell which country an investor lives in and which industry she works in just by looking at her portfolio.

There are many models to choose from when valuing a company and your choice depends on the company as well as what your aims are.