In a little village, six miles north of Winchester 

Wife, son (6) and daughter (7 months)

Originally in 2004 but re-joined in June 2021

I love nothing more than an afternoon or evening by the water; often, if the fish aren’t rising, I’ll not get my rod out and just watch the river. It’s very therapeutic; I think my blood pressure falls substantially after an hour or two there.

I don’t have a favourite as such – what I listen to depends on time of day, what I’m doing, who I’m with etc. I’m an enthusiastic but ungifted musician, and enjoy crashing along to various songs on the piano, guitar or drums (whilst singing along of course!). 


You’ve now been at JM Finn for a year. What strikes you most about the firm’s culture that allows you to serve your clients?

Having come from a much larger firm, I’m struck by the more dynamic approach to decision making, and the collaborative, friendly approach of everyone. Having worked here before, it’s great seeing so many friendly faces still here. Crucially, the firm has always comprised of interesting characters with diverse viewpoints, which I think is one of the key reasons we punch above our weight in terms of investment performance.

Many might not be aware that you started your career at JM Finn.  How do you think the firm has changed in the last 15 years?

The firm has evolved rather than changed. We have a tightrope to walk – on one hand, we must retain all that it so good about the firm; the investment process generated by unique, familial-yet-professional culture and the highly personal client focus which has given us industry-leading levels of client satisfaction.

On the other hand, the firm must ‘automate’ to some extent as well – specifically, invest in new technology to continue to meet clients’ expectations on the administrative side, and contend with the headwind of an ever-more-complex regulatory environment. 

Many of your clients, some of whom have worked with you for many years, have followed you to JM Finn.  Other than their relationship with you, what were the relevant factors that persuaded them to move?

My previous employer is moving away from bespoke investment management towards centralised investment management. Clients sensed a more aggressive sales culture there which made them uncomfortable. I think they were reassured by JM Finn’s 75 year history, excellent reputation, and that we’re committed to bespoke investment management. I think that on the basis that I worked here before, and wanted to come back - and knew so many people here, that I would be well placed to judge whether or not JM Finn was right for them.

With inflation and recession concerns looming large over markets, what’s your thinking in terms of portfolio positioning?

With all assets classes falling, there’s really nowhere to hide – traditionally defensive assets such as gilts and gold aren’t performing as they have in previous downturns. Even after the terrible start to 2022, I remain committed to high quality equities and real assets - I believe that inflation will be more persistent than many commentators believe, so focussing on companies who have true pricing power, or inflation-proofed earnings should perform best in this environment. Finally, if central banks raise interest rates higher than currently expected, corporate debt levels will be much more significant to investment returns than they have been over the past decade.

Understanding Finance

Helping clients understand what we do is key to building relationships. To explain some of the industry jargon that creeps into our world, we’ve pulled together a section of our site to help.

Managing your wealth

Managing your wealth

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