Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)

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Managed Portfolio Service 

The Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) comprises five model portfolios which each use one of the five WMA Private Investor Indices as their comparator. Each portfolio will invest across the range of asset classes that make up the relevant Index through the use of regulated, UCITS-compliant collective funds only via a core-satellite investment approach. 

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Key features
  • A range of five portfolios that blend both passive (Core) and active (Satellite) investment strategies
  • The five WMA Private Investor Indices have been chosen as the comparator indices
  • The portfolios have been mapped to both Dynamic Planner and eValue
  • Only UCITS compliant, regulated collectives are used in the portfolio construction
  • Disciplined rebalancing policy manages risk, responds to shifts in global markets and guards against portfolio drift
More information

The five portfolios are managed via a blend of active and passive investment strategies designed to meet a specific investment objective.

Core holdings take the form of passive investment products such as Index funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The Satellite holdings are more specialised, actively managed investment products where the manager aims to outperform a benchmark on a relative basis.

Integrating passive strategies into the Core of the portfolio enables broad diversification delivered at an affordable cost. By adding some more actively managed Satellites to the mix, the aim is to seek to deliver outperformance relative to the index over the longer term.

Each portfolio will be rebalanced back to our chosen asset allocation at least twice a year. At our discretion rebalancing may be more frequent than this.