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Discretionary Portfolio Management

We have offices in London, Winchester, York, Bristol and Bury St Edmunds. Our wealth planning team can help create a tailored plan today.

Meeting your goals

A discretionary approach to portfolio management allows you to go about your daily life safe in the knowledge that your financial future is being overseen by our investment professionals.

With an individual approach at the heart of our services, we will manage your portfolio in line with your objectives.

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Key features
  • Direct investing
  • Long term approach
  • Tailored to client’s specific goals or constraints
  • Supported by focused research
  • Flexible and reactive investing
  • Suitable for ISAs, SIPPS, Bonds and other tax wrappers
More information

Our investment philosophy has been shaped by our long term experience of investing on behalf of private clients, leading us to adopt a long term, conservative attitude to investing.

Many of our clients see long term capital preservation as an important investment objective, with the aspiration that investment in stock markets could provide returns in excess of bank rates and/or inflation but in the knowledge that returns cannot be guaranteed in an uncertain world.

Our portfolio management services are built primarily around a selection of individual stocks, bonds and funds designed to meet your client’s individual investment requirements, underpinned by a focus on first hand and detailed research of the underlying investments.

Each year we meet with an extensive range of well-established UK PLCs which allows us to appraise the individual company in addition to giving an invaluable insight into the industry, sector and wider economic picture. This first-hand information fosters a better level of understanding and assists our investment managers in managing portfolios.