16 September 2022

The Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair roared back to life earlier this year with JM Finn partnering a new fair in Hampstead.

With 1000s of artworks from over 90 UK and international galleries, visitors to the autumn fair back at Battersea, London will be spoiled for choice, whether looking for the perfect accent piece for your home, a bold new talking point, or daily inspiration for your workspace.

The first edition of the Affordable Art Fair took place in October 1999, when ten thousand art lovers descended upon the fair to browse and buy thousands of original contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints in a relaxed and friendly environment. Each year the team welcome over 185,000 art enthusiasts to their fairs globally, where they can discover a mix of local, national and international galleries showcasing a wide array of affordable artworks by established artists and rising stars.

The Affordable Art Fair’s mantra is to help people learn about and fall in love with art, so each of the fairs are filled with a creative smorgasbord of artist performances, innovative talks and tours, hands-on workshops, kid’s activities, live music and irresistible restaurants and bars; making them an ideal day out with family and friends.

Come and visit JM Finn at the Affordable Art FairBattersea, London 20th – 23rd Oct, 2022
Join us for the autumn edition of the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea and discover the joy of collecting art with 1,000s of original artworks, all priced between £50 – £7,500.
As part of our exclusive partnership with the fair, we have negotiated a two-for-one ticket deal. To take advantage of this and learn more, please email us at events@jmfinn.com.

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Managing your wealth

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