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Similar to starting your art collection, starting your investment portfolio can be daunting. We can help.

Who are the Affordable Art Fair?

Established in 1999, the Affordable Art Fair has revolutionised and democratised the art market with its fun and accessible approach, bringing art under £7,500 to buyers around the world.

In a usual year, around 230,000 art-lovers visit an Affordable Art Fair in one of 13 cities around the world, including three fairs each year in London in Battersea and Hampstead. Every fair offers something different, with a diverse range of local, national and international galleries showcasing art in an array of styles. Pieces by household names sit alongside the latest emerging talent.

Who are JM Finn?

JM Finn is a wealth management firm who provide investors with wealth management services, so they can structure their finances to achieve their goals, through personal financial advice and expert financial planning.

At JM Finn, we have a shared vision with the Affordable Art Fair of making our services accessible to all and have long been associated with the arts. We are advocates for following a passion, and look after our clients’ wealth so that they can follow their passions safe in the knowledge that their financial affairs are in good hands.

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Download our Guide to Collecting Art

This guide features some introductory articles on the world of art as well as some insight from a variety of experts deigned to inspire, encourage and embolden our readers to make that next purchase. Starting your first investment portfolio needn’t be daunting, so we’ve also included some thoughts on how and why getting ahead in your investment planning can be a sensible course of action.

Watch the best bits from the 2019 fair

My mission is to drive the snobbery out of art collecting and make people feel as comfortable buying a piece of art as they would a bottle of wine.

 Will Ramsay, founder and CEO of the Affordable Art Fair 

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How can JM Finn help me?

Our wealth planning services cover four specific areas of wealth planning to help you meet your goals:

Retirement planning

We can help you manage your income so you can have the life you want at retirement.

Retirement planning

Estate planning

We will advise you on the best way to protect your assets and pass them on to your loved ones.

Estate planning

Protecting you and your family

We look at the key events in your life and help you plan for what you know is coming and the unpredictable.

Protecting you and your family

Wealth structuring

We will help you create a bespoke plan to meet your financial goals.

Wealth structuring