Inheritance tax portfolio service

Inheritance tax portfolio service

Inheritance tax portfolio service

More and more people are getting caught by the Inheritance Tax (IHT) threshold, thanks primarily to the sharp increase in property prices in the UK over recent years, which in turn can reduce the amount of wealth that transfers to the next generation.

IHT is payable on the value of an estate over and above any allowances and nil rate bands. There are a variety of solutions to help investors mitigate the effects of inheritance tax on an estate, including Business Property Relief (BPR), which our Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service looks to take advantage of.

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Simplicity: there is no need to set up a trust, or engage with any complex legal structure


Speed: unlike other IHT mitigation schemes, which your adviser will discuss, investments can qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR) once they have been held for two years


Flexibility: thanks to the ease of access, should your circumstances changes, you can sell the holdings, subject to liquidity, whenever necessary.

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Qualifying investments for BPR have two key criteria: they must be trading companies, thus excluding investment companies and shell, or dormant, companies and they must be unquoted, which for the purposes of BPR includes shares listed on AIM and the NEX Exchange Growth Market.

As with any high risk investment, sound financial advice is required before embarking down this route, either from an independent financial planner or via JM Finn's wealth planning service. Once you’ve taken the decision to use BPR relief as a tool to mitigate IHT, you will need to talk to a specialist in this field who has the relevant experience and insight.

At JM Finn we have established a service dedicated to investing in stocks with a view to providing IHT relief. Managed by a specialist investment manager with over 20 years’ experience in investing in AIM-listed companies, the service builds bespoke, discretionary portfolios consisting of well researched AIM and NEX Exchange Growth Market-listed companies.

Because of the nature of the markets in which the service invests, the shares are deemed to be high risk investments, and the possibility of losing money is therefore also high. Investors should be aware of the risks, which may include:

  • liquidity may be limited, so that it can be difficult or impossible to sell the shares 
  • there is often a big difference between the price the shares can be sold for and the price they can be purchased for
  • the price at which the shares can be sold can change very quickly and may go down as well as up

Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service

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