Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is one of the largest global oil majors with revenues split, in financial reporting terms, between its Upstream, Downstream and Integrated Gas divisions.

by Sir John Royden

Head of Research

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52 Week High-Low
£23.91 - £18.70
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Net Yield
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Hist / Pros Per
28.6 - 16.2
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Equity Market Cap

The balance sheet at the July First Half Results sat with a gearing of 25%, down from 28%. 

The WTI oil price has recovered since the February 2016 low of $29 and is now trading at $49 which is close to the post-dividend cash ow breakeven, estimated at $50 per barrel. We see supply / demand / inventory dynamics as well as firmer fourth quarter global growth, taking the oil price higher in the near future. 

Shell’s share price is highly correlated to the oil price but if Shell manages to lower the breakeven to $40 by 2020 in addition to enjoying higher oil and gas revenues then the 6.5% dividend yield that you now get would start to look like an, ex post, wise holding for income portfolios. 

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