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Spring Issue Fourteen

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Understanding Finance

Index-linked gilts, or “Linkers”, are sold by the Debt Management Office (DMO) on behalf of the UK government and have both the coupon and the capital elements linked to inflation.  I’ll use the…

Equity prospects


Diageo, at first glance, is an international drinks producer and distributor operating across developed and emerging markets. But, if you look deeper at the company you quickly discover that it…


Hunting manufactures and distributes equipment that enables the world’s oil and gas companies to drill for and then extract their oil and gas hydrocarbons.


Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is one of the largest global oil majors with revenues split, in financial reporting terms, between its Upstream, Downstream and Integrated Gas divisions.


Amec made the major acquisition of US peer, Foster Wheeler in 2014. This effectively doubled Amec’s global scale, mainly in downstream oil services and onshore US. The timing of this deal was…


Shaftesbury represents a unique cluster of London based retail assets, backed by extremely high management ability within this sector and locality. As the company highlights, this collection of…