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Summer Issue Forty Three

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Understanding Finance

Rising interest rates are causing problems for many companies, but a silver lining can be found in the dwindling defined benefit (DB) pension obligations on company balance sheets.

Equity prospects


Richemont is a Swiss-based luxury goods holding company which owns an array of brands including jeweller Cartier, watchmaker Roger Dubuis and James Purdey & Sons, maker of some of the finest 'London…


There’s a good chance that those opting for a G&T as their drink of choice this summer will top off their Gordon’s or Tanqueray with a Fever-Tree tonic.


W.A.G Payment Solutions (trading as ‘Eurowag’) is a fleet management and payments platform targeted at commercial road transport (CRT) companies in Europe and now covers c. 86,000 vehicles. The…


Whilst structured as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Big Yellow is quite different to other REITs.