I bought my first shares on the London Stock Exchange back in the mid-1960s.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (affectionately referred to as RBG) died last week after serving on the Supreme Court for 27 years.

Trump is trailing in the polls but Biden is not certain of victory.

Biden is leading in the polls but is not certain of victory.

My investment considerations at present are predicated on the basis that Joe Biden will win the next election.

Freddy Gray, editor of the US Spectator talked to us about the battle for the White House. Read the transcript here.

September 21st marks World Alzheimer’s day and a timely reminder of the pain of dealing with brain disorders.

Atticus Kidd looks at the new online service recently launched to help people safeguard their finances and wellbeing.

A new survey commissioned by JM Finn has found a high concern of cyber crime amongst UK investors with concerns notably heightened due to increased online activity during Covid-19.

Andrew Banks looks at the Alternative Investment Market on its 25th anniversary.

Head of research, John Royden looks at a bellwether stock in his quest to determine when normality returns.

John Royden, Head of Research at JM Finn looks at how the UK’s trade deal negotiations might be impacted by increased tensions between the US and China

Marcus Holden-Craufurd, Investment Director at JM Finn looks ahead at some of the primary concerns for private clients.