Christmas week hardly got off to a promising start for our stock market, but a modest recovery saw much of the damage repaired, though sentiment remained fragile.

JM Finn hosted a virtual conference in December, bringing together some experts to share their insights.

Freddy Colquhoun looks ahead to next year from an asset allocation perspective and suggests the UK could be the surprise market.

With yet more vaccines coming on stream, markets have continued to be buoyed by the belief that some form of normality will return by spring next year.

John Royden looks at what is in store for the US.

Brand ambassador Tammy Beaumont reports from Sydney on the Women’s Big Bash.

Our own Footsie index has been struggling of late. A six-month low was struck as investors went into a risk-off mode as fears grew of the economic damage that was being wrought by the pandemic.

I bought my first shares on the London Stock Exchange back in the mid-1960s.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (affectionately referred to as RBG) died last week after serving on the Supreme Court for 27 years.

Trump is trailing in the polls but Biden is not certain of victory.

Biden is leading in the polls but is not certain of victory.

My investment considerations at present are predicated on the basis that Joe Biden will win the next election.

Freddy Gray, editor of the US Spectator talked to us about the battle for the White House. Read the transcript here.