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Spring Issue Forty Two
JM Finn Quaterly Periodical

In the light of the recent market activity in response to the Ukrainian situation, John Royden suggests a measured approach can help ensure sensible decision making when it comes to managing a…

Meet Karen, Senior Investment Manager in our London office. In this video she provides her insight on how she is positioning portfolios, areas of the market that excite her and her primary challenges.

JM Finn have been shortlisted in the COLWMA 2022, in three categories.

BP reports its highest annual profit in eight years. What else should investors be looking out for?

What is absolute return? Absolute return is the return that an investment portfolio receives over a specified period. Read below for more detail.

Head of Research, John Royden explains why he thinks higher inflation could result in relative outperformance of Europe over US markets.

Read our latest market commentary from Investment Director Freddy Colquhoun where he discusses inflation, vaccines and much more.

JM Finn is proud to have been shortlisted in the 2022 Wealth Management Awards from the Good Money Guide.

Should investors hold their nerves as Ukraine tensions hit boiling point? Our resident commentator answers below.

James Godrich reviews the fund returns in the context of the long term performance, discusses the actions undertaken to achieve that and reminds us that our decision making can never be without flaw.

JM Finn recognise that a work-life balance is essential for employee growth, personal happiness and productivity. Read below to find out more about the partnership with Cityparents.

What makes a good investment strategy during uncertain times? Read below to see what Investment Manager Charles Bathurst-Norman is planning.

Are there better times ahead? We discuss tech stocks, inflation, Omicron and geopolitical tensions.

James Godrich provides insight into the performance of the CSI funds in Q4 2021, including his holdings in PayPal and Sage.