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Wealth across the generations

Health and wealth are often considered to be the primary drivers of an individual’s satisfaction.  Of course this is very subjective but generally being in control of one’s wealth, or at least having a sense of understanding, offers a degree of life security.

At JM Finn we are not doctors so we are not going to opine on things medical, although we do believe that, like wealth, one’s health is an area that the great majority still wish to discuss on a private, face to face basis. Yes, we can research the symptoms online, but when it comes to diagnosis, prevention and/or cure, we turn to the professionals. Likewise our wealth.

Wealth means different things to different people and typically different attitudes can be attributed to different age groups. To receive the full Wealth Across The Generations report, click here.

Which generation are you?

Generational wealth

Traditionalists, the 'Silent Generation'

As the wealthiest elderly generation ever seen,‘Traditionalists' face unique financial challenges as they balance lifestyle with the implications of their longevity.

Baby boomers

Rising healthcare costs, taxes and low interest rates are prompting even the wealthiest Baby Boomers to question whether they will outlive their money.

Baby Boomers
Generation X
1960 - 1980

A career-focussed generation beset by financial concerns about everything from school fees to retirement planning, they were hit hardest by the financial crisis.

Generation X
Generation Y, 'The Millennials':
1980's - 2000's

Ignore the media stereotyping, this is the cautious ‘Generation Rent’ who are taking hands-on investment decisions as they strive for financial freedom.

Generation Y, 'The Millennials':
Generation Z, 'The Centennials':
Since 2000

As they begin their working lives, this optimistic generation looks set to embrace entrepreneurialism while being careful to avoid indebtedness.

Generation Z, 'The Centennials':
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