Secure assets for future generations

A core component of inheritance and tax planning

Secure assets for future generations

Tax free inheritance planning

Trusts, in their many forms, can be used to pass assets to your beneficiaries outside of your estate which, by avoiding probate can help save time, probate fees and potentially taxes. Trusts give you control to specify how they are set up and for whom they might benefit, so ensuring the assets within the trust are managed to meet these individual requirements is key.

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  • Our investment management expertise is well suited to managing trusts, thanks to the individual nature of our services.
  • We have experience of managing portfolios held under trust and regularly work with third party administrators and specialists who might administer such schemes.
  • Our wealth planning service can provide advice on how to establish a trust as part of our estate planning services.
  • Our personalised discretionary service can help you ensure your trust is managed in line with your specific instructions.
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Whether you need a trust established or have an existing trust our discretionary services could be appropriate.  We have experience in managing bare trusts, discretionary trusts, loan trusts and charitable trusts amongst others.

With our focus on providing a personalised approach to managing your portfolio, we can help you ensure your trust arrangements are appropriate for your individual goals.

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