Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary portfolio management

Meeting your demands

A discretionary approach to portfolio management allows you to go about your daily life safe in the knowledge that your financial future is being overseen by our investment professionals.

With an individual approach at the heart of our services, we will manage your portfolio in line with your objectives.

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Our award winning discretionary portfolio management service entails the establishment of a core set of investment objectives and parameters and provides you with a dedicated investment manager with discretion to manage your portfolio.


A discretionary service is suitable for investors who may not have the time and/or experience to manage a portfolio on a day to day basis


For investors with CGT considerations using a personalised approach to discretionary portfolio management ensures the tax position on your portfolio is considered.


A personal relationship with an investment manager ensures your portfolio is managed to your individual requirements.

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We believe there are several core elements of delivering a superior discretionary portfolio management service, which form the basis of our client relationships:

A successful investment management relationship requires a high degree of trust and confidence in your investment manager.    

Knowing that a firm can offer the appropriate resources and security can be instrumental in a successful relationship.  

Our personalised service is built on the foundation of regular communication and an understanding of our clients' investment requirements. We look to provide a traditional level of face to face communication combined with the convenience of 24/7 access to your investment portfolios via your account on our secure website.

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