Cost Effective Investing

A unitised service for smaller accounts

Cost Effective Investing

Coleman Street Investments

Many of our clients look after other members of their family’s investments, such as children’s trusts or a spouse’s ISA.  Often it is not cost-effective to manage smaller accounts on an individual basis so we offer a service that is managed on a discretionary basis that pools investors' assets.  

By investing through our Coleman Street Investment (CSI) Service, you can achieve diversification, which can help reduce volatility regardless of your investment portfolio size.

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Coleman Street Investments

A choice of three portfolios with different investment objectives that pools your assets with those of others.

  • Invests in direct stocks as well as funds
  • Cost-effective
  • Diversified portfolio
  • A personal investment manager
Is this right for me?

You have a smaller sum to invest:
Pooling assets into a fund allows you to access our discretionary expertise on a more cost-effective basis.

You are looking for simplicity:
Investing via a collective investment fund means there are no tax implications for the investor when buying and selling within the fund.

You do not require a bespoke service:
Many investors require a portfolio tailored to their needs but for those who don’t, this service can offer a fully diversified portfolio that invests in direct stocks as well as funds.

A short guide to Coleman Street Investments

James Godrich, a Fund Manager at JM Finn, introduces our Coleman Street Investments service encompassing the CSI Income, CSI Growth and CSI Income & Growth funds. Find out the benefits of this service, who it is suitable for and how JM Finn selects its investments. 

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