Coleman Street Investments

Coleman Street Investments

Cost-effective investing

Many of our clients look after other members of their family’s investments, such as children’s trusts or a spouse’s ISA.  Often it is not cost-effective to manage smaller accounts on an individual basis so we offer a service that is managed on a discretionary basis that pools investors' assets.  By investing through our Coleman Street Investment (CSI) Service, you can achieve diversification, which can help reduce volatility regardless of your investment portfolio size.

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A discretionary service that is managed via a disciplined and consistent approach with a long term investment horizon


A choice of portfolios with three differing investment objectives that invests in direct stocks and bonds, as well as investment funds


Suitable for smaller portfolios where it may not be cost-effective to have an individually tailored portfolio


A pooled approach that provides a diversified portfolio, which can result in reduced volatility (or risk) compared to owning one or two individual stocks

A short guide to Coleman Street Investments

James Godrich, a Fund Manager at JM Finn, introduces our Coleman Street Investments service encompassing the CSI Income, CSI Growth and CSI Income & Growth funds. Find out the benefits of this service, who it is suitable for and how JM Finn selects its investments.  

More information

As a personal service is the hallmark of our success to date, clients of the CSI Service will also have an individual investment manager as their main point of contact.  This helps us develop a relationship which means we can adapt as and when your investment objectives change.

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