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Our focus on a high quality service along with a deep understanding of the charity’s investment requirements, has engendered long term relationships across a wide range of charities throughout the UK, including Livery, Educational, Religious, Children’s, Military, Hospice, Housing, Health, Disability, and Animal as well as grant making charities.

Our discretionary service appeals to many charities thanks to our focus on our clients.  Charities and their trustees often place the level of service they receive above all else. Our long term experience in managing charity investments, coupled with our investment expertise, has seen us become a growing force across the charity investment world and helped us win the coveted annual COLWMA award for Best Investment Team for Charities, 2020.

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Charities and not for profit organisations make an essential contribution to public life and their investments are often the cornerstones of the success of the charitable body. This, alongside a trustee’s personal responsibility, is why many charities want an investment approach that is both robust and repeatable, whilst being treated as an individual; one that can provide a portfolio tailored to the charity’s specific requirements. Expanding on our private client heritage, we adopt a comprehensive, but flexible, approach to managing charitable assets via a highly consultative process; this helps us achieve a charity’s investment objectives.

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