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Adding value for professional advisers

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By offering personalised wealth and investment services we can add value to your client relationships allowing you to bolster your role as trusted adviser.

With a comprehensive wealth planning offering complemented by a long standing expertise of direct investing, our services can help your clients meet the goals they set for their wealth.

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Solicitors and Accountants

How can we help?

Managing family investments: we look after the wealth of many generations of families and this experience gives us insight into family law practices. As such partner with various professional adviser firms to offer a personalised discretionary portfolio management service.

Pensions: managing pension assets and ensuring they are appropriately structured can be a challenge.  Our wealth planning expertise ensures we can offer your clients appropriate advice tailored to their unique circumstances.

IHT Portfolio Service: protecting a client’s wealth is often a primary goal when it comes to wealth management and protecting a client’s wealth is often a primary goal when it comes to wealth management and our inheritance tax portfolio can help individuals reduce their IHT liability.

Probate: we offer a detailed probate service to help you complete valuations and verification of assets upon death in addition to facilitating the transfer of assets to the executors or beneficiaries.

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Whatever your reasons for investing, we aim to make the process as easy as possible so you do not have to worry about it. This allows our clients to nurture their passions and interests safe in the knowledge that their wealth is in our expert care.

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Our goal as investment managers is to help our clients fulfil their financial objectives whether we are acting as their primary wealth professional or working with their existing professional advisers.

Paul Dyas

Head of Investment Management

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