An update from our sponsored puppy, Sherlock

We sponsor Dogs for Good, a charity transforming the lives of disabled people in the UK.

by Katie Deacon

Senior Marketing Executive

Dogs for Good, a charity solely focused on transforming the lives of adults and children living with disabilities in the UK, have been receiving almost a decade of support from JM Finn. Over the years we’ve sponsored four Labradors through their training and socialisation which usually takes two years to complete.

Sherlock, who is now nineteen months old, is making excellent progress through his training to becoming a fully trained assistance dog.

He recently finished his socialisation and has since returned to their training centre to undertake some basic training work, including work on his recall skills, perfecting his toilet routine and some basic task work. It can be daunting for the young dogs when they first arrive back at the Centre, so the first couple of weeks were spent getting to know the trainer and having plenty of fun with toys and games.

His trainer Sara commented that “Sherlock has had a wonderful first week with us here in early training. He has been a delight to get to know and I have loved all the time we’ve spent together. He has made a great first impression on everybody he has met – he is a friendly, cheeky, confident and happy boy.”

We look will continue to look forward to seeing the positive impact Sherlock and assistance dogs will have on those most in need throughout the UK

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