15 February 2021

An update from our puppy partner

Our most recent sponsor Sherlock is progressing well through his training despite the restrictions imposed by another UK lockdown

by Katie Deacon

Marketing Executive

Dogs for Good, a charity solely focused on transforming the lives of adults and children living with disabilities in the UK, have been receiving almost a decade of support from JM Finn. Over the years we’ve sponsored four Labradors through their training and socialisation which usually takes two years to complete.

Our most recent sponsor was for a puppy called Sherlock. The shift of training for the “teenager” has transferred from puppy lessons to the real world where he is exposed to more realistic environments. This phase is integral as the team need to ensure that Sherlock returns when called and can settle quickly in busy environments. The pandemic has obviously slightly altered the usual timescales as more of the training has had to take place in the home setting.

However, Sherlock picks up new commands quickly, is incredibly loving and will prove to be a great companion in the near future. We look forward to seeing the positive impact Sherlock and other specially trained assistance dogs will have on those most in need.

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