Is the tech bubble bursting?

Growth in the UK and the US, with the latter affected by weather patterns, is picking up very fast

•   Data Stores - the internet of things will require new types and velocity of information, incurring a vast choice of data storage.

•   Analytics –getting the information out involves traditional vendors such as Microsoft and SAP. Middle range vendors are also proliferating.

•   New Applications - data has to be translated back into the business base which implies both traditional platforms being adapted or existing applications being upgraded.

•   Integration needs - there will be a need to work within the existing protected investment in installed, older generation IT landscapes. There will also be a need for middleware technology to bring back the data and major vendors, such as SAP and Oracle, will have to refresh entire landscapes to allow them to communicate.

Given the need for billions of pounds worth of IT upgrades and integration expenditure required for all this, the sector is in strong shape. We see recent volatility as part of the gradual encroachment of the interest rate cycle onto long duration assets and the recent setbacks may offer buying opportunities.

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