Talking food: a look behind the service door of some of the UK’s finest hotels

A new publication, available at luxury boutique hotels across the UK, shares some recipes and insights from some of the top chefs from around the world.

JM Finn is delighted to sponsor Talking Food Magazine which aims to inspire readers to explore some of the more intricate recipes usually found in professional kitchens at home.

This new, twice yearly publication features a range of interviews with head chefs of some of the leading hotels in the UK, offering some hints and tips as to how to prepare some of their more sophisticated recipes.  Accompanied by some enticing photography this is a must read for any home cook looking to take their entertaining skills to the next level.

Luke Matthews, Executive Head Chef at Chewton Glen in Hampshire discusses the purpose of the dessert and shares his tantalising recipe for creating iced honeycomb parfait.

Clivedon’s Andre Garrett shares his recipe for roast wood pigeon, peas, wild garlic, black pudding purée and liver toast and suggests that the most important thing to bear in mind when cooking at home is to prepare everything in advance and ensure you leave enough time.

Also featured is an interview with one of our own on his gastronomical preferences; John Royden, JM Finn’s Head of Research reveals his passion for foraging and being on first name terms with his food before he cooks it.

The joy of culinary excellence is something that is shared between JM Finn and our clients.  Being a relationship-driven business we place a lot of emphasis on the client experience which extends to ensuring we can offer quality catering to match the level of service that we aim to offer.  We follow this approach across all our events, be they private receptions at the Royal Academy or in-house pension seminars.  Why do we focus on food?  Our clients told us that food and cooking are one of their preferred interests and hobbies when last surveyed and listening to our clients’ needs and preferences is what we believe makes us a successful wealth manager.

We are delighted to be involved in this new initiative as a co-sponsor alongside other leading brands in their field such as Nina Campbell, Harrogate Spring Water, Janus Henderson and Gordon Castle Scotland, and hope that readers can draw some inspiration from some of the UK’s leading chefs.

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