24 July 2019

Ryedale Festival: The Triple Concert at Cast Howard

The Ryedale Festival, the so-called “jewel in Yorkshire’s cultural crown” welcomes outstanding musicians from all around the world to perform in spectacular events spread far and wide across the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside.

The project, which started as a group of four musicians performing at a handful of local concerts, has evolved through the direction of Christopher Glynn (a distinguished piano accompanist), into a much larger event and has gained a national reputation for being one of the most exciting and well regarded festivals of its kind. Highlights of recent Festivals include visits by many internationally renowned soloists, chamber ensembles and orchestras.

JM Finn was delighted to sponsor the recent ‘Triple Concert’ event at Castle Howard where three contrasting concerts consisting of a choir, a string quartet and a cornett ensemble, performed in different parts of the stunning stately home.

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