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Winter Issue Twenty One

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Understanding Finance

When a company requires external financing there are three main options; Borrow from a bank (usually from pre-existing bank facilities) 

Borrow from investors (issue corporate bonds)
A rights issue

Equity prospects


We first mentioned NMC when the shares were reaching up to the £18 level. Each share now costs you close to £32 and the company is a proud new member of the FTSE100.To recap, NMC runs hospitals and…


A deep knowledge and understanding of Smurfit Kappa means a quite surprising increase in one’s vocabulary; OCC, kraftliner, testliner, recycled containerboard, virgin containerboard and corrugated…


Vodafone has been through a lot of change over the last few years. Most of this is thanks to a huge investment programme in Europe called Project Spring. The result of which is that Vodafone is now…


Warren Buffet once said “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” As one of very few pharmaceutical companies with AAA rated corporate…