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Summer Issue Thirty Nine

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Jess Mayhew of change management strategists, Alembic Strategy, discusses how and why strategic thinking can lead to transformational growth when succession planning for your business.

James MacLeod of property search firm, JM Chase, gives his views on the country house market.

Have you ever wondered why bond exposure is so often achieved via bond funds and not through direct investment?

It is hard to escape from media coverage of the devastating impact inflation is having on our society as commentators point to the dangers we are facing from a rapidly rising cost of living.

Tom Slater, of Baillie Gifford, managers of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust review one of the trust’s most challenging periods.

It has been with a sense of relief that we have been able to see our clients in person again, some having not been met physically for over two years.

We met the companies below and you can learn more on any of these by contacting the person at JM Finn with whom you usually deal.

There are a variety of options when it comes to funding long-term care and they are often far from straightforward. Wealth planner, Atticus Kidd, explains this specialised area of insurance that…

We are proud to announce that JM Finn has won several important industry awards in 2022, providing an important testament to the hard work of our staff over the last few years.

Media headlines are heating up with references to the current cost of living squeeze which is and will become an increasing economic reality.

Sonova is a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer, founded in 1947.

We encourage our staff to engage in their communities and actively seek to support organisations in our local community.

As part of our focus on providing a high quality, personalised investment service, we look to support our investment managers in their decision making when it comes to constructing client portfolios.

Understanding Finance

A question I am frequently asked is how do we analyse stocks? How much emphasis do we place on valuation? And how much do we place on company analysis, in terms of assessing quality and growth…

Investment Director, London

The terrible events unfolding in Ukraine put much of what we do as a business into perspective and our thoughts go out to all of those impacted, either directly or indirectly.

Equity prospects


Accenture is a professional services firm which focuses on strategic and IT consulting, technology integration services and management of IT operations.


Shell is in the midst of a corporate makeover.


Ukraine’s conflict has created wide-ranging ripples through global markets.


Rarely do software companies have the longevity of Adobe.

Summer Issue Thirty Nine