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Spring Issue Thirty Eight

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US inflation was 7.5% in January 2022, sending panic ripping through markets. We look at the Fed’s reaction and compare it to that of the 1980s response to the Great Inflation.

At COP 26 the world committed to phase out unabated coal power generation and to cease issuing inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels. The words “unabated” and “inefficient” were both late additions.…

Abuse of older people comes in many forms including financial, psychological and physical. It is often the case that an elderly victim will suffer from more than one type of abuse at the same time.

Two years ago, my wife and I had just returned from a lengthy stay at our house in the Algarve when we were suddenly thrust into lockdown.

As much as April is associated with fools, springtime and new beginnings, it is also a time to consider implementing smart financial planning strategies as it marks the end of another tax year.

We met the companies below and you can learn more on any of these by contacting the person at JM Finn with whom you usually deal.

JM Finn recognise that a work-life balance is essential for employee growth, personal happiness and productivity.

Edwards are the leading player in the treatment of structural heart disease and hemodynamic monitoring, the physics of how blood flows, with 97% of product sales coming from #1 global market share…

This last quarter has been a tough one for bonds with climbing inflation pushing up ten year yields.

As part of our focus on providing a high quality, personalised investment service, we look to support our investment managers in their decision making when it comes to constructing client portfolios.

JM Finn participated in the Future Frontiers scheme, giving career guidance to young people in the UK.

Understanding Finance

A core method we, as equity analysts, use to calculate and estimate the present value of the companies we invest into on behalf of clients is the discounted cash flow model (DCF).

The Affordable Art Fair roared back to life in 2021 with art lovers from across the country making sure that attendance figures did not disappoint.

Senior Investment Manager, Bristol

The terrible events unfolding in Ukraine put much of what we do as a business into perspective and our thoughts go out to all of those impacted, either directly or indirectly.

Equity prospects


The name Vodafone, deriving from voice data fone, aptly covers much of what the business provides.


At first glance Associated British Foods (ABF) presents a slightly confusing investment case; a business of two parts.


B&M are a leading UK value retailer who focus primarily on physical retail sites versus online retail.


CrowdStrike is a cloud-native cyber-security company with a platform specialising in endpoint security.

Spring Issue Thirty Eight