15 March 2019

Paul Tyndall

Meet the manager

by Paul Tyndall

Investment Director

Married with 2 children + cat, dog and hamster (until such time that the former eats the latter)

Mostly ‘on the job’ so to speak. Left school at 16 and started as a messenger boy at Spencer Thornton Stockbrokers. Professional exams were completed aged 20 and I became one of the youngest members of the Stock Exchange

Started at JM Finn
October 2006; just 7 days after the birth of my daughter (still married, see above)

Next holiday
Barbados (to celebrate a birthday ending with a zero)

Charity supported
Kidasha, an amazing Nepalese children’s charity

Favourite Song
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Who you’d most like to meet
Warren Buffett

As you know we’ve recently been awarded the Gold Standard award for our discretionary services. What do you think specifically helps us stand out from our clients’ perspective?

I’m often asked that question, particularly by people considering becoming a client of JM Finn and I have always answered in the same manner; we genuinely care about our clients’ wealth which makes the job we do much more than just a job for many of us here. The fact that we don’t separate the role of relationship management and stock picking means the buck stops with each individual investment manager, as there’s no front person to hide behind if and when we get it wrong. I really feel clients value this direct approach and it is becoming more and more of a differentiator as our peers move down a more centralised route.

How did your newest client find their way to you?

Most of my clients come by way of referral from existing clients. Most recently I hosted a lunch at our London offices for a longstanding couple for whom I act. They brought along two friends and a decent rapport was quickly established and they soon became clients. There’s no doubt that the personal referral made the difference, ably assisted by the wonderful in-house catering we offer.

What’s the key in your view to a successful client / investment management partnership?

I remember discussing this question with one of my clients who is a heart surgeon where the relationship between medical expert and patient is even more important. He mentioned the 3 As: ability, affability and availability and I’ve followed this mantra since and in my opinion anyone looking to build a professional relationship would be wise to follow suit.

You have long been an investor in some of the leading US tech names. What’s your view of corporate America today from the perspective of a long term investor?

America tends to exhibit both the worst and the best of capitalism. As an investor I don’t think any economy comes close to the opportunities and sheer optimism of the US. In terms of where to invest, in America, I think exposure to their world beating technology companies could be the defining decision of any long term portfolio.

Understanding Finance

Helping clients understand what we do is key to building relationships. To explain some of the industry jargon that creeps into our world, we’ve pulled together a section of our site to help.

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