10 March 2023

New portal

Regular users of our client portal will soon notice that we have a new version.

Long standing clients will know that we were an early adopter of technology when it came to servicing our clients.  Launching our first portal in 1999 was a major milestone for the firm and one that our clients took advantage of. Since then, we’ve added additional functionality but our over-riding focus has been on ensuring the data has been secure.

Whilst we have regularly tested our portal for security breaches and ensured it is surrounded by the latest cyber security, we have come to the point where we needed to deliver a new, more secure environment to house our client data.  This new  version is built using the latest technology in conjunction with our long-standing software partners.

Whilst it can be inconvenient for existing users to launch a new portal, we have made every effort to minimise the disruption by retaining existing usernames, passwords and PINs and we have not changed the address, or url, where the portal is located. For those clients who use the app on their mobile device, they will have to reset their biometric login, but other than that we hope your experience of moving to the latest, upgraded version is seamless.

Users will notice the big difference is the dashboard, or home page, where we have tried to show all the relevant information, based on our learnings from clients’ use of the portal. All other features are retained, with the ability to add more functionalities in the future.  Once the new portal has bedded down and clients are comfortable with it, we will start adding in new features, which we expect to make the portal an even more attractive tool.

As a reminder, the portal is a secure method to view the valuation of your portfolio(s) and keep tabs on the latest transactions.  We believe the real value of it, is the ability to store your account documentation digitally for three years.  Via the personal library, periodic statements, contract notes and tax reports are stored, reducing the risks involved in sending your personal information by post. The portal also offers clients the opportunity to send messages, including personal documents, to your investment manager via means of a secure messaging service.  This negates the need for email, which is considered the tool that is compromised by hackers the most when looking to access your personal data.

We also offer an app version allowing for even easier access on your preferred device.  The key advantage of the app, which offers the same functionality as the desktop, is the biometric login ability, subject to the device, rendering it even more secure.

If you are not a regular portal user, please contact your investment manager who can help you register. To download the app, please visit your device’s app store.

To help stay safe online, read our Cyber Crime Awareness guide, available online at www.jmfinn.com/cyber-crime-awareness

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