New fund business launches with JM Finn & co funds

Thornbridge Investment Management LLP (Thornbridge) will take over the management of the CF JM Finn Global Opportunities Fund, managed by Anthony Eaton, from the 1st August 2015 as part of its launch as a new long-only fund management business.

The fund will remain under the stewardship of Anthony Eaton who has been managing the fund for over 10 years. Anthony will remain at JM Finn & Co, which will act as the sub-investment manager, appointed by Thornbridge.

Patrick Hall, COO of Thornbridge, commented, “The Global Opportunities fund has demonstrated resilient long term performance as a result of Anthony’s thematic investment philosophy and we are delighted to be able to provide Anthony and his team with a renewed focus on growing the fund.”

James Edgedale, Chairman of JM Finn & Co commented, “These changes are a win-win; Anthony remains as manager of the fund, we focus on our core proposition of managing private client portfolios, Thornbridge hits the ground running with a proven investment fund and, most importantly, the investors in the fund retain the continuity of their investment manager. In addition, we are pleased to retain the investment expertise that Anthony brings to our broader investment proposition.”

The Global Opportunities Fund will be renamed the PFS Thornbridge Global Opportunities Fund as at the 1st October. Thornbridge will also be taking on the management of the CF JM Finn UK Portfolio Fund, which will be named the PFS Thornbridge UK Equity Fund.

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