12 June 2020

Lockdown with Tammy

This can be a tough time for all, particularly when it comes to mental strength. We got in touch with England cricketer and JM Finn brand ambassador, Tammy Beaumont to ask how she copes being cooped up at home.

"It’s obviously frustrating at the moment, especially not knowing when it will all end. The main thing I’ve been trying to do is set and maintain some sort of routine. As a household, we’ve planned a week ahead; including who’s cooking what when, what training I need to do on which days and even some more fun plans such as board games or quiz nights. So much of my on-field routines are coming in useful, like focusing on what I can control, and almost ignoring what I cannot. Another big one for me is maintaining good mental health. It’s easy at a time like this to feel really stressed and overwhelmed. I’ve started restricting the amount of news I read or watch and I’ve started a couple of online courses to keep my brain active and ticked off some of the DIY ‘to do list.’ Another important thing is to reach out and communicate; I’m trying to speak to my friends and family who are more isolated at least once a week.

"One of the hardest things to deal with so far has been actually feeling guilty for enjoying many parts of isolation. I appreciate I’m in a lucky position living with some of my friends and family, along with having everything I currently need available to me, has made some of this lockdown lifestyle much easier for me than others. I think acknowledging this, allowing myself to enjoy what I can, while appreciating others may be having it tougher and hoping to lend a hand in the future, through volunteering, will hopefully continue to get me through this time."

Tammy Beaumont is a brand ambassador for JM Finn. 

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Managing your wealth

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