With this in mind we have two charities at any one time that are our designated corporate charities

With this in mind we have two charities at any one time that are our designated corporate charities: usually a cause local to our head office in London and a national, less well known charity, where any fund raising can make a big difference.

Dogs for Good has been one of our partner charities for over three years which has funded three puppies within their assistance program and allows us to follow the progress of both the dogs and their new owners. The charity appealed to the firm, thanks in part to the range of issues that having a dog can support. Young or old, immobile or active, the training that Dogs for Good imparts can make a huge difference to people’s lives; whether as a Community Dog, which increasingly are being used to help sufferers of dementia or as a Family Dog, which can help teach families of children with autism how to handle their pet dogs specifically to ease the pressures of autism but more importantly as an assistance dog, trained to support people with a range of physical disabilities, including dementia and both adults and children with autism.

Already, at just eight weeks old, she is starting to show some of the characteristics that are required in a fully trained dog: confidence, an interest in people and in playing.

The first 16 weeks of Jessie’s life are like an open window, where she is inquisitive and can take in vast amounts of new experiences, to learn what is safe and what is not. Until Jessie has had her second vaccination, she will be carried everywhere, to get her used to being touched and meeting different people. This will also help her get used to all the new sounds and smells and to experience different animals, transport and places.

Jessie will explore every corner of her home and anything she can reach will be thoroughly investigated and chewed! Her socialiser, Janet will encourage her to play with a toy instead or redirect her attention onto a different activity. Rewards, like a tasty treat or favourite toy will be used when Jessie is showing the behaviour Janet wants, which strengthens the bond between them and teaches Jessie to focus on Janet, even when there are lots of exciting things happening in her vicinity. Puppies learn in similar ways to us, from the immediate results of their actions and through trial and error. They are social animals and need to learn how to communicate properly with the rest of the world, be polite and learn self-control.

Janet will start teaching Jessie basic obedience commands. She will learn to sit and wait for her meals, being released from her wait with the sound of a whistle. This gives Jessie an association between the whistle and food, which can then be used to teach her recall when she’s a bit older. Janet will introduce Jessie to her green Dogs for Good training jacket, so she feels comfortable wearing it, as this allows Janet to take her into places that pet dogs aren’t allowed to go. It’s important Jessie associates her jacket with lovely experiences, so Janet will give her lots of praise, reassurance and treats when she’s wearing it.

Jessie has an exciting year ahead but it is early days so it is hard to predict how her personality and behaviour will develop, but with the love and support of Janet and her family and the team at Dogs for Good, she has every chance of success.

Dogs for Good has been selected to be one of the Times Newspaper’s three charities to benefit from this year’s Christmas Appeal and JM Finn & Co is proud to be supportive of this appeal.

New hires bolster regional presence



Two new senior members of staff have been recruited to enhance our regional presence.

In our Leeds office, Andrew Aitken has joined as Head of the office. Andrew brings 19 years of industry experience, both in London and in his native Yorkshire, to help the management of the office and to support the firm’s regional business development. Andrew brings the total number of staff in our Leeds office to 13, of which eight are investment managers who look after nearly £500 million of client funds built up since we opened the office in 2002.

We are also delighted to announce the arrival of Gavin Budd as a Senior Investment Manager, based in our Cardiff office.

Gavin joins from a competitor based in Bristol where he managed discretionary portfolios on behalf of private clients, trusts and charities sourced directly and via independent financial advisers. He will spend most of his time in Cardiff but will maintain a presence in our Bristol office, while he looks to develop JM Finn & Co’s client base in Wales, our newest branch office.


Understanding Finance

Helping clients understand what we do is key to building relationships. To explain some of the industry jargon that creeps into our world, we’ve pulled together a section of our site to help.

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