JM Finn is proud to be the lead sponsor of the all-female rowing team Ace of Blades, who will be attempting to row across the Atlantic Ocean, departing from La Gomera in the Canary Islands and finishing in Antigua. The team are hoping to complete the challenge in 40 days, completely unassisted and on the same 25-foot boat.

The sponsorship presents an exciting partnership for both JM Finn, Laura and the rest of the Ace of Blades team for a number of reasons:

Personal development

JM Finn is committed to supporting the professional and personal endeavours of staff as it places a greater emphasis on promoting a healthy work-life balance, team building, collaboration, and mental wellness amongst employees.

For Laura, she wants to motivate and inspire others to pursue both career goals and also personal dreams, without compromising on any of them. There is a misconception that a career in financial services is unforgiving in terms of work-life balance and Laura wants to prove this to be untrue.

Employee support

Laura, one of the Ace of Blades rowing team has been with the firm for almost six years – originally starting as a personal assistant, then moving on to the Investment Management Training program, and finally graduating into a fully qualified Investment Manager. Aside from the financial backing, the firm has been supportive and flexible, allowing her to take the time to complete her training and promotional activities.

For Laura and the team, this challenge takes several years of planning and preparation, and therefore all aspects of their lives need to be organised, to allow for the significant time pressures and commitments. For Laura, JM Finn were fully supportive of the challenge early on, and her team have been especially understanding and helped to cover in her absence.

Charitable causes

The team will be raising funds to support MacMillan Cancer Support, The Outward Bound Trust, and Prostate Cymru. Not only can we see the value of each organisation, to the wider community but the support also helps to foster a sense of pride among our employees.

Ace of Blades are looking to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charities. Their corporate sponsorship has helped to fund their campaign, allowing them to focus their attention on the fundraising aspect. Once the race is finished, the plan is to sell their boat, with the proceeds split between their chosen charities.


Unsurprisingly, Laura has had significant interest from clients and contacts on her row, helping her develop her professional and personal network and we look forward to sharing her progress from preparation to completion, with the firm’s wider network. Throughout the row, the Ace of Blades team will be trackable, meaning staff will be able to monitor how they are doing vs their target of 40 days.

The team have found that those they’ve approached regarding the row have also been generous with their ideas, resources and time. They are really look forward to sharing the remainder of their journey to the start line, and the time in the ocean as well. They will have the capability to communicate with people onshore and hope to be able to video call back throughout the row.

Participation in sport

Research shows that individuals should be completing 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week which can be difficult in full-time employment. The company culture at JM Finn supports, rather than hinders physical activity and the Ace of Blades sponsorship is a great opportunity to encourage others, to pursue fitness goals.

Laura believes that exercise supports better physical and mental fitness, and finding something to enjoy can really help her mood, productivity and overall wellbeing. Also to have something to aim and work towards provides her with important motivation.

Brand awareness

JM Finn has several carefully selected but varied sponsorship partners including the Surrey County Cricket Club, the Affordable Art Fair, and the Royal Academy. Combined with other smaller campaigns, our sponsorship platform is designed to enhance our brand positioning, as we align with only those partners we consider are a good cultural fit for the business, and increase our awareness as part of our goal to broaden our reach among the investing universe, particularly those young professionals looking to put their savings to work as they start considering their financial futures.

From Laura’s perspective, it is important to showcase to her clients that her capabilities go beyond her role as an Investment Manager.

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