20 October 2017

JM Finn take on the 'Dawn 'till Dusk' Velodrome Challenge in aid of Cancer Research

Three brave souls from JM Finn, took on the 'Dawn 'till Dusk' Velodrome Challenge, thrown down by BNY Mellon, in order to raise money for Cancer Research.

Freddie Woodhead, Theo Wyld & Fred Mahon, alongside two stoic BNY Mellon employees agreed to the test of endurance, speed and competitive idiocy, which took place at the London Olympic Velodrome. 11 teams of five amateur cyclists competed over 12 hours with the winner being the team with the most laps (and surviving cyclists) at the end of it all.

The team represents the coming-together of two great institutions - JM Finn and BNY Mellon - and was the only team with members outside of the BNY Mellon family taking part, pitting themselves against the finest from BNY Mellon as well as Newton and Insight.

Although most of the team conceded to not having ridden much in the years since their stabilisers were removed, they entered to win. And win they did…. at least in the fundraising stakes. Coming in the middle of the pack and maintaining the team’s dignity, they smashed their fundraising targets and to date have raised over £7,000.

The team have all, in some way, been touched by the devastating effects Cancer can have upon the lives of themselves, their family and their friends. All the money raised will go towards the CASCAID initiative, which brings together the Asset Management industry which this year is aiming to raise £2 million for Cancer Research. Congratulations to them all.

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