JM Finn supports small businesses in the Suffolk business awards

Small businesses are so often the driver of local communities and economies. We are delighted to support Suffolk’s entrepreneurs.

Small businesses often struggle to get the recognition they deserve, so entering local awards can help good businesses rise to the top and find new partners to help them flourish.

As a firm that has won a significant number of awards over the years, we recognize the benefit of such third-party endorsements and value the opportunity of meeting some of tomorrow’s business leaders within our local community.

Andrew Mann, Investment Director at JM Finn will also sit on the judging panel, looking out for companies that have strong management, a clear vision, and sound fundamentals in their business proposition.

At JM Finn, we aim to protect and nurture wealth across generations. Wealth challenges come in many different shapes and sizes and often when one least expects them. To find out more about our highly personalised discretionary management service see here.

Understanding Finance

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