18 October 2017

JM Finn support this years Hollytree Ball

JM Finn was delighted to sponsor this year's Hollytree Ball held in the stunning grounds of Scampston Hall.

The event was in aid of some incredible charities; Epilepsy Research UK, The Hollytree Foundation Charity, Ryedale Special Families and TASC Madagascar.

Many thanks to the Hollytree Foundation Charity for putting together such a wonderful evening to help raise money for these charities but to also help raise their profiles.

The Hollytree Foundation Charity supports parents and carers with the emotional, logistical and financial difficulties that caring for a child in a mental health unit brings.

Children’s mental health units are far and few between and are spread around the United Kingdom. Quite often families have to travel hundreds of miles to visit their children in order to maintain essential contact. Children’s regular contact with family members supports the rocky road to recovery. Many parents and carers find financially maintaining this contact challenging.

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