JM Finn Shortlisted for Two Awards at the Yorkshire Financial Awards

The firm’s Leeds office is shortlisted for Best Investment Team of the Year

by Katie Deacon

Senior Marketing Executive

We are excited and extremely proud of our Investment Managers based in Leeds to be short listed as the Investment Team of the year in the Yorkshire Financial Awards. The awards have been developed to celebrate the achievements and successes from the region’s most inspiring and forward-thinking individuals.

The selection follows their ongoing commitment to a risk aware management strategy, client return on investment and phenomenal client relationship.

Additionally, the firm was nominated in the Wealth Manager of the Year category, demonstrating their focus on helping investors with their financial challenges.

Thank you to all the judges and good luck to the other nominees!

Managing your wealth

Managing your wealth

Understanding Finance

Helping clients understand what we do is key to building relationships. To explain some of the industry jargon that creeps into our world, we’ve pulled together a section of our site to help.

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