Our client portal was relaunched in June 2017 in order to meet the ongoing needs of our clients. Since then we have continued to innovate and invest in our digital capabilities so we can continue to provide an outstanding client experience.

Our features and benefits:

Personal library

At JM Finn, we pioneered a secure client portal back in 1999. Over time, this portal has evolved and we now offer a personal library function, which allows our clients to choose a paperless reporting option. This means we do not have to send important documents with sensitive information to our clients by post.

Client portal interface

We have a dedicated support person for the portal, whose purpose is to help guide clients who call our help desk. We also use some software that allows us to access a clients’ computer remotely to guide them through the portal, a feature that was warmly received by clients, particularly those who are less computer literate. We’ve also continued to innovate and refine our client portal interface, with the number of unique logins increasing by 18% in the last year.  


With cyber-crime one of the biggest risks to clients and the business, we are putting a lot of emphasis on secure messaging. We created a secure messaging function, which allows clients to send us important documents, such as copies of their passports, via the portal allowing them to avoid using email. Clients and their intermediaries were incredibly receptive to this change, with usage of the secure messaging feature being used 9,600 times in the last year alone.

The majority of our clients visit the portal via a desktop but we recognise the importance of interaction in multiple apps and multiple channels. Our clients are also able to access the portal via their smart phone or tablet via a biometric identity check.


In 2020, we added a Fraud Alert button, so that if a client suspects their email account has been compromised, they can click a button, which sends an alert to their investment manager and temporarily freezes their account. The button has been used 283 times in the last year. Not only does this optimize our security mechanisms but it also provides piece of mind to our clients which has been even more important since the start of the lockdown.

To read our guide about cyber-crime awareness to help reduce the risks of fraud, click here

At JM Finn, we pride ourselves on this kind of accessibility and innovation. By putting our clients at the core of everything we do, we continue to provide more value, build an even stronger brand and connect better with our clients.

Click here to learn more about the portal. 

Understanding Finance

Helping clients understand what we do is key to building relationships. To explain some of the industry jargon that creeps into our world, we’ve pulled together a section of our site to help.

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