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More awards at JMFINN

Our success at JM Finn has been recognised by the fact that our growth since our founding has been due to client referrals. In recent years, however, we have also been delighted to have received external recognition for the services that we o er both at the personal and company level. 2018 has been a particularly busy year:
Kim Woolmer, an investment director at JM Finn, won the award for Best Female Wealth Manager at the City of London Wealth Management Awards 2018. Kim, who started her investment career nearly 40 years ago, received the award from Lisa Snowden at a ceremony at London's Guildhall. (You can read more about Kim’s career in the Meet the Manager feature).
Fred Mahon, fund manager of JM Finn’s Coleman Street Investment Service has been included in the Citywire Wealth Manager’s Top 30 under 30 rising stars in wealth management. Citywire is a financial publishing and information group, which specialises in monitoring the performance of fund managers and runs this annual search for the up and coming talent across the industry.
Chris Barrett, an investment director at JM Finn, has been included in this year’s PAM Top 40 Under 40. PAM Insight, a leading independent provider of specialist news, analysis and comparative data for the industry, has released the latest list of the PAM Top 40 Under 40 which comprises the leading private client investment managers under the age of 40.
Steven Sussman, CEO was named in PAM’s list of Most In uential in the industry. This is the de nitive list of those that are at the forefront of shaping private client work in the UK.
The Firm was named as Finance Monthly’s Wealth Management Advisory  rm of the year at the 2018 Fintech awards.
We’re also excited that Isobel Kwok, Lucy Coutts, Sarah Soar and Kim Woolmer have all been nominated for awards at this year’s Women in Investment awards.

How we handle your personal data

There are many different ways you may interact with JM Finn and our goal is that you are clear on how we are using your information and the ways in which you can protect your privacy. As a result, we have published a new Privacy Notice to make it easier for you to  nd out how we use and protect your information.
We have not changed the ways we use your personal information, but the new notice will provide you with additional details such as:
— The information we collect
— How and why we use your information
— Who we share your information with
— How we protect your information
— Our rights in relation to the information we hold about you
The Privacy Notice is available to view at privacy or if you wish, you can request your Investment Manager to send a copy to you.
The Privacy Notice makes sure we continue to comply with privacy law and regulation. There are no changes to our terms and conditions with you however if you have any questions please contact your Investment Manager.

Young women at work day

Last year, JM Finn held its inaugural “Bring your Daughter to Work” day, with the goal of introducing more young women to wealth management as a potential career choice. A day was spent with 20 young women introducing them to the industry and the markets. As well as gleaning their perceptions of wealth management we discussed the  nancial services industry in a focus group. We  nished with a CV and interview workshop and some excellent feedback.
This year we’ve expanded the remit to include daughters of our clients. So if our readers know of anyone who might bene t from this event please do contact us at
Date: Wednesday 22nd August 2018
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Venue: JM Finn, 4 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5TA Age range: 16-19

Understanding Finance

Helping clients understand what we do is key to building relationships. To explain some of the industry jargon that creeps into our world, we’ve pulled together a section of our site to help.

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