26 September 2019

JM Finn join the 500 Club Hampshire Medical Fund

The Hampshire Medical Fund, which buys cutting-edge medical equipment for Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover hospitals, was founded by the late Earl of Carnarvon in 1981.

With the burden of funding requirements on the NHS ever increasing, the charity’s work is increasingly necessary to help enable Hampshire Hospitals to provide the best possible care for patients, putting the Hampshire NHS Trust at the forefront of clinical excellence.

The Hampshire Medical Fund had no significant regular funding of any sort until the initial 200 Club was set up in 2012. Following the continued success of our 200 Club, the 500 club was launched in 2016 so that local businesses were able to support the Hampshire Medical Fund.

JM Finn are proud to sponsor and be a part of the 500 Club Hampshire Medical Fund and are the main sponsors of the Hampshire Country & Garden festival again this year.

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