JM Finn inspires pupils with their career journey

JM Finn hosted students from St Mark’s Academy though the Future Frontiers initiative

by Katie Deacon

Senior Marketing Executive

During July, JM Finn have hosted 19 young pupils, who will shortly be starting their GCSEs at St. Mark's Academy in Mitcham, in their London offices. 

The pupils came away with plans not only for their future careers, but also with guidance for their crucial next step in education post-GCSEs.

This was part of our partnership with Future Frontiers, a charity that provides disadvantaged young people with the guidance, networks and opportunities they need to realise their potential at school and achieve post-16 qualifications that build towards secure and fulfilling employment.

Future Frontiers delivers a two-year programme of career coaching, advice and guidance to equip lower-attaining, disadvantaged young people to realise their potential at school and take positive next steps into education or training at age 16.

Rodrigo Lourenco, from Future Frontiers commented that the initiative gave the students “an unparalleled experience.”

This initiative followed a previous programme where a number of JM Finn staff members volunteered their time with the charity working 1:1 with 15 and 16 year old girls from Prendergast School in Lewisham, looking at their options post GCSEs, either for college, apprenticeship, A-levels or employment. The JM Finn coaches worked with the students to discover and explore their interested career in detail, and then connected the students with a professional in their chosen field, so they could increase their knowledge and become inspired about reaching their career goals.

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