JM Finn & Co sponsors A Reading with Joss Ackland

JM Finn & Co is delighted to announce their sponsorship of two charity play readings at the St James Theatre and the Old Vic...

Eminent stage and screen actor Joss Ackland will be performing the readings of Will iam Shakespeare’s King Lear in support of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. 

Joined by an all-star cast, the 85 year-old will take on the role, often called 'the Everest of acting’, on Sunday 22 September at the St James Theatre, London and Sunday 29 September at the Old Vic, London. 

Joss, who is an Association ambassador and lost his wife Rosemary to MND in 2002, will be returning to his theatrical roots 60 years after joining the Old Vic Theatre Company. 

The Gala play readings, directed by Jonathan Miller, will feature other well known performers including Tony Britton, Clare Higgins, John Nettles and Sir Tony Robinson. 

King Lear is a Shakespearean tragedy set in Ancient Britain. An aged King, weary of the burden of his position decides to divide his realm between his three daughters. When his trust is abused and the rashness of his decision becomes clear, his sense of powerlessness and emasculation sets him on a chaotic course towards madness and death. 

Information and tickets for both readings can be found via the & websites.

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