29 June 2014

JM Finn & Co sponsored the Young Players Challenge Cup

JM Finn & Co is sponsoring the Hopkins International Polo again this year as well as the Young Players Team, taking place on Sunday 29th of June at Trinity Park, Ipswich now in its third consecutive year...

Even racing camels are making their debut at Trinity Park. The camels have been racing for several years. They are trained and raced by Joseph Fossett, a member of one of the oldest circus families in the country that has trained all sorts of large animals – lions, tigers, elephants, bears and horses - all his life.

“It’s going to be an exciting day and one full of fun and surprises,” said Peter Over, chairman of the Suffolk Agricultural Association’s business development committee, who stages the event. “The team from Wales had a busy season last year and is fired up to beat us, but England will be putting up a good strong opposition, so visitors can expect to see the game played at its best.

For more go to: http://www.internationalpolo.co.uk/the-day

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