JM Finn & Co participates at the Captains Challenge at West Sussex Golf Club

David Roblin, Senior Investment Manager at JM Finn & Co helped organise the 200 Holes Challenge taking place on 12th and 13th of June, at West Sussex Golf Club...

This year will be the final and hardest challenge; they aim to complete 200 holes (11 rounds) in 48 hours and want to take the total raised over the five years to over £100,000.

The captains decided to nominate the Variety Club of Great Britain as the chosen charity for 2014 and to work with them in the aim of providing a specially adapted minibus for handicapped children in the local community around West Sussex Golf Club.

The teams will start playing at dawn (04:15) and they don't expect to finish until mid-evening (20:00). In total they will have walked over 50 miles and will be on their feet for 16+ hours each day. Clubs will be carried with no use of trollies or buggies. To support the Captains’ Charity you may give a donation at

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