27 September 2018

JM Finn Charity Training Seminar

The JM Finn Charities Team hosted 25 trustees for a bespoke training session where we explored various topics including Investment Terminology, Investment Considerations for Charities, Cyber Security and the Outlook for the UK.

“My sincere thanks for a most interesting day, I enjoyed all the sessions and have added to my knowledge.” Attendee

These presentations were followed by an excellent networking lunch where trustees could engage with one another and discuss current issues their respective charities are experiencing; the interpretation of CC14, amongst other legislative frameworks, as well as issues surrounding good governance and leadership, dominated the discussion.

There was also a certain amount of alarm around the room as attendees learnt about their online footprints and of how vulnerable we all are to a cyber-attack! Finally, there was an optional session on Planning for the Future, from Anna Murdoch, our Head of Wealth Planning at JM Finn, for those trustees who felt it useful.

The whole seminar was very interactive and we believe that attendees got a lot out of the event. We plan to run a series of these events and will keep you posted with details of the next.

“I had the most interesting day and have already passed on most of the cyber-security advice; scary stuff. Thank you for the warm welcome and, most of all, the clarification of all the jargon etc. I certainly learnt a lot and felt it was time very well spent.” Attendee

Understanding Finance

Helping clients understand what we do is key to building relationships. To explain some of the industry jargon that creeps into our world, we’ve pulled together a section of our site to help.

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