6 May 2016

Festival of Silver 2016

The Festival of Silver is a partnership between The Goldsmith’s Centre, The Furniture Makers Company and Craft in Focus, to create high quality exhibitions of contemporary silver and bespoke furniture.

Founded in 2008 by Gordon Hamme and the silversmith Brett Payne, the festival aims to promote UK silversmithing, and has since organised  over 80 events in the UK and internationally.

‘Inspired 2016’ Festival of Silver will be held from 10-14 May at The Goldsmith’s Centre in Clerkenwell. The exhibition will feature works from 80 of th e finest UK silversmiths, including Rod Kelly and Hiroshi Suzuki. Additionally, world renowned bespoke furniture makes John Makepeace’s work will be showcased – amongst 15 of the UK’s finest bespoke furniture makers.

JM Finn & Co is delighted to be a sponsor of 2016 Festival of Silver. To find out more about the event, exhibiting makers and the charities involved, please visit the festival’s website.

Understanding Finance

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