Diva Opera

The Diva Opera, this year titled La Cenerentola will be held on Saturday 29th July at the Marble Hall at Holkham.

JM Finn is delighted to support the Diva Opera again in 2017.

La Cerentola tells the story of Cinderella; as she serves her cruel stepfather and ugly stepsisters, she dreams of escaping her life of drudgery. Although mistreated by her family, she is gentle and kind and her goodness warms the hearts of all she meets, including a handsome prince who is in search of a bride.

Rossini’s comic opera overflows with joyous music as it retells the famous fairy tale. This delightful romantic comedy appeals to audiences of all ages and proves that dreams really do come true.

For more information, visit the Holkham website here.

Understanding Finance

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