Darktrace is a cyber-security platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats in real time.

by Henry Birt

Research Assistant

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What differentiates Darktrace from other cyber-security companies is its use of unsupervised machine learning to power its products. Essentially, the software ‘thinks’ for itself and can therefore detect and fight cyber threats as they arise without the need for human intervention. Darktrace was reportedly the first company to apply AI to cyber-security and thus it benefits from a first-mover advantage. 

The Enterprise Immune System (EIS), which detects cyber threats using AI, was their first product. This was shortly followed by Darktrace Antigena, the software used to fight the threats detected by the EIS at rapid speed. The most recent addition, Cyber Analyst AI, mirrors a human security team and automates threat investigation and reporting.

Disruption is endemic in the cyber-security industry but Darktrace has so far managed to keep ahead of the game. Leveraging the data they collect from customers to develop new capabilities, they believe helps protect their first mover advantage. But, to thrive in this competitive industry, they will need to remain constantly innovative. 

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