Aldeburgh Festival: The Multi-Story Orchestra

JM Finn & Co are sponsoring the Multi-Story Orchestra at the 68th annual Aldeburgh Festival.

Multi-Story, run by composer Kate Whitley and conductor Christopher Stark, is a project which aims to ‘bring classical music to unexpected places’. The aptly-named Orchestra has been based in a multi-storey car park in Peckham since 2011, attracting audiences of over 1,000 people.

The combination of classical music and the orchestra’s unusual location has been widely celebrated, with the Times describing them as ‘the most exciting development in classical music for decades.’

This year, the Orche stra are performing at the Aldeburgh Festival – an annual event founded in 1948 by composers Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and writer Eric Crozier. The first festival brought together both emerging young stars and world-renowned figures including Menuhin, Perahia and Bream.

To see a video of the Multi-Story Orchestra in action or for more information about Sunday’s event, please click here.


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