In addition to our ongoing sponsorship of the Affordable Art Fair UK as its lead partner, JM Finn is very proud to have funded and presented a £5,000 grant as part of the newly created Graduate Artist Award to the winner, Aisha Seriki.

Karen Lau, Investment Director at JM Finn presented the award to Aisha during the private preview evening for JM Finn clients and other guests at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea on 18th October.

Aisha Seriki is a graduate of the Royal College of Art’s MA Photography programme and was selected for the award by a panel of judges from the Affordable Art Fair and JM Finn. She was chosen from six graduate artists featured in the fair’s 2023 Recent Graduates Exhibition, and the award recognises her exceptional talent, skill and dedication to her craft.

The exhibition’s curator Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf commented:“Aisha’s practice and networks will thrive with a professional studio, not just in technical development, but also socially and conceptually. As a working-class artist who has grown up in South London, through her work she has great potential to represent the UK and African artists not just in the realm of fine art, but I also believe in editorial and moving image across film and music.”

The award is designed to recognise an outstanding emerging artist, and to support them with studio costs at a critical moment in their career. Hugo Barclay, Fair Director at Affordable Art Fair UK said: “Thanks to JM Finn, this award will guarantee a level of security to an emerging artist when they need it most, so they can focus on making great art and progressing their career.”

Oliver Tregoning, Head of Marketing at JM Finn said: “We believe in financial freedom and security, to pursue what truly matters to you. Supporting this award for young and upcoming artists reflects our mantra and dedication to empowering emerging talent as they follow their passions by embarking on a career in the art world. We are thrilled to be able to support Aisha at this critical moment in her career, and can’t wait to see what she does next.”



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